Modern Quilts for the Cancer Support Community

Here are a couple of quilts that were made for the Cancer Support Community quilters' group started by Marilyn Sommers.  More about Marilyn and the Quilters' Group is listed below.  These quilts were made with fabric donated by Lauren Hawley, the owner of Sew Modern, pieced by Lisa Redmond and quilted by me, Tanya. I'd like to give Lauren a very special thanks for being so incredibly generous to the Quilters' Group at the Cancer Support Community.



Marilyn Sommers started the Quilters' Group at the Cancer Support Community a few years back, and here's her description of what the group is and why she started it:

"When I first heard those dreaded words "You have cancer" I never dreamed that this would lead to a journey that has changed my life.  I began quilting soon after my diagnosis and began giving the quilts to members of my cancer support group at the Cancer Support Community.  When I saw how overjoyed each person was when they received a quilt I decided to start a quilt workshop where other cancer patients could come together and make quilts for the Community.  The friendships and fun that we have at the workshop is as important as making the quilts and giving them to cancer patients.  The spiritual act of giving to others brings great joy and satisfaction and is the real purpose of our quilt workshop.  Being of service to others is an important part of recovery for all of us."