Repurposing an Old Barkcloth Curtain

I have an obsession with vintage fabrics, curtains and tablecloths (as previously discussed here), and my stash runeth over. At last, I've finally finished the quilt I started from an old, and rather beat up, mid-century barkcloth curtain. I fussy cut the images from the not-so-damaged parts of the curtain, bordered each image in a coordinating fabric and then set them afloat in a sea of rust. I quilted the background with blue and green thread to create an additional layer of texture in all that rust. The border is made up of all the fabrics I used in the quilt plus a couple of others.

I actually haven't completely finished it because I still need to attach the binding, but for the most part it is done. I'm excited to really finish it and see it put to use. My first intention was for our home bed, but I am beginning to think that the rustic feel of the quilt makes it better suited for our cabin in Idyllwild. Wherever it lands, I'm happy that it is done since I so rarely make quilts for myself, and that I was able to use some of my beloved vintage fabric!