Pebbles, Curves and Straight Lines

Here is my latest customer quilt in which I used a variety of quilting patterns and thread colors to enhance the overall design of the quilt top. This is an excellent example of how quilting can really bring a quilt to life and further enhance the beauty of the pieced design.

The use of pebbles, curves and straight lines add multiple layers of textures and dimension to the quilt, which basically is comprised of two colors, red and black. My philosophy in quilting is to always work with the quilt design, so it was important for me to pursue the Asian theme of the quilt and not take away from its design. As nature is a common theme in Asian art, the pebbles worked especially well in the black, creating a pattern in a solid. In regards to the straight lines with gold thread I used in the red solid, I created a different pattern for each, replicating the gold Asian Seals that are in the print scattered among the other Asian font characters.

In the picture below, the pieced quilt is on the long arm just as quilting began. By comparing the two pictures, it is easy to see how quilting allows a quilt to reach the pinnacle of its pieced design beauty and take on a personality all its own.

 The quilt was made by the fabulous Luann, who I know from the Westside Quilters.