Baby Stripes Squared

I pieced this top using Chez Moi Coquette Watercolor Stripes fabric that I purchased from Sew Modern.  I quilted it with a digital panto design called Whole Lotta Bubbles from Urban Elementz.  You can see this beautiful striped fabric in the first photo which is the back of the quilt.   This particular striped fabric is perfect for making squares because the stripes vary thoughout the fabric so that each square is a little bit different depending on the section used to construct the square.  

I recently added a computer guided contraption to my ABM Innova long arm quilting machince called the NAVIGATOR.  This magical addition runs my machine on its own with whatever pattern and scale of design I choose to use on a particular quilt.  I felt the Whole Lotta Bubbles design was a perfect contrast to this square- based baby quilt.   If you use computer guided or paper pantos, I urge you to check out Urban Elementz because they have loads of patterns I have not seen elsewhere.

Of course, I still LOVE doing my own custom hand guided quilting, but some quilts really call for an all over pattern rather than a super custom design.   Also, I can charge much less for an all over Navigator operated quilting pattern than I charge for my custom work.