Quilt with a Word

A client came to me recently wondering if I could quilt the word “Mwah” all over a quilt top that she made for a friend. Apparently, this friend always ends her email with the word “Mwah” which is a way of sending a kiss through the air. (At least that is what it said when I goggled it.)  I agreed to take on the task and a close-up of the result is pictured below:


Instead of free hand quilting Mwah all over the quilt top, I created an edge-to-edge digital quilting design with the word Mwah.  I used a software program called “Art n Stitch” which is a vector based drawing program specifically designed to create quilting patterns that can be imported into computer robotics attached to some long arm quilting machines. I have an ABM Innova long arm with the Navigator.  It worked great! So, if any of you want to have a word or a phrase quilted on your quilt top or yardage, I’m ready to go.