Garden Path for Robert Kaufman

Here's a quilt called "Garden Path" that I quilted for Robert Kaufman. This pattern was designed by one of their very talented staff members, Nichole Ramirez. The quilt is made up of RK Fusions Garden Collection fabrics. It's a BEAUTIFUL collection of fabrics and an easy pattern to follow. There's are a ton of HST, but the end product is well worth the effort. You can download the pattern "Garden Path" for free from the Robert Kaufman website.

My approach for quilting this top was to use a simple background quilting pattern that would allow all the beautiful fabrics colors to pop out from the top. This quilt is all about color and that is what I wanted people to experience when setting eyes on it. I chose straight vertical lines on the grey background color and very minimal curved lines in bear paws. I changed thread colors to best match the fabrics.

Below is a picture of the Robert Kaufman Quilt Market Booth that featured this quilt and line of fabrics.

I'm in Generation Q Magazine!

A little while back the folks at Generation Q Magazine asked a number of us quilter types to quilt their logo in whatever way we felt inspired. The photo in this post was my choice for quilting up their fun logo. Here's what I said in the magazine - "It has been a great honor and lots of fun to participate in the project of quilting the Generation “Q” logo. I selected Quilter’s Dream Puff polyester batting because the loft is incredibly effective at illuminating the quilting design and texture. For the quilting thread, I color matched the background with “Cool Grey” Glide 40w Advanced Trilobal Polyester. Glide is one of my favorite threads due to the stitch quality, the huge color variety and the way it sits so beautifully on and almost disappears into the fabric. When it came to the background negative space quilting design, my intuition viewed it as a star floating in space. For me, the universe, like life, is mysterious and unpredictable, full of organic intersections and separations. I chose angular straight lines shooting off the star, coupled with a wavy pattern to create a floating effect for the star and straight line quilting. I left the star essentially “quilt free” so that the Generation “Q” logo would appear to “pop” out of the rest of the quilt."

Quilt for Robert Kaufman Highlighting London Calling Prints

Here's a piece I recently quilted for Robert Kaufman Fabrics highlighting their London Calling combed cotton line. There was a lot of negative space on this quilt top, so I used the structure of the boxes on point for the quilting design to mimic the colored boxes, and tie the overall look of the project together. 

Not only is this fabric beautiful, it is also incredibly soft to touch and behaves like a cotton voile. I'm already wondering what I could make with some of these fabrics. The fabric softness would be ideal for a baby quilt.

Mom's Quilt

Here’s my mom’s quilt that’s now all quilted and ready to bind.  I used a quilting design that looks like a bouquet of flowers flowing out of each square center which is the vintage floral fabric, the only print I used.  For the narrow 1/2 inch sashing between the blocks, I used simple long arm pearls to set each block apart.  On the back, I used the slate color of the radiance fabric from Robert Kaufman because I love the way it looks and feels.   It’s a cotton silk blend that is soooo yummy.  

Abstract Sea Creatures Whole Cloth Quilt

The concept of this small quilt entered my mind when I took a class with Linda Taylor last January at Road to California.  She taught us this twisty thing that really captured my attention...something about all the movement created by the shapes.  I’ve been wanting to incorporate aspects of it into a small whole cloth quilt ever since.  This is my first attempt, and after finishing it, the colors and shapes remind me of sea creatures.  

Garden Rainbow Quilt for Shannon and Bob

Shannon and Bob pieced this quilt top using a Kaffe Fassett pattern from his Country Garden Quilts book.  This pattern is called Garden Rainbow Quilt.  They searched far and wide for his exact fabrics designs for this project, but some of the fabrics were no longer available so they had to make a few replacements.   I love their choices and enjoyed quilting this project for them.  I used a meandering feather design in all the floral areas and a zig-zag straight line pattern in the more solid sections.  

Peggie's Little Monsters

Peggie made this quilt for an auction benefiting the Haight Ashbury Community Nursery School. I quilted pebbles behind all the monsters creating a background texture from which the creatures could POP. There were certainly plenty of popping monster eyeballs looking up at me while I was quilting this adorable quilt top. I used white Omni Superior thread on all the white portions of the quilt, blue Glide thread on the inner border and yellow Magnifico Superior thread on the colorful triangles on the outer border.  

Tina's Circle Pizzaz in Progress

I thought I'd show a quick peak of what I'm working on now.

Tina pieced this beautiful quilt as a wall hanging to gift to her beloved beauty salon. She attended the Judy Sisneros Circle Pizzaz workshop that was offered by the Westside Quilters this past August, and this quilt is her fabulous result. Tina did an amazing job piecing this quilt, her detailing is extremely precise.

I am using a "squares on top of each other" type of quiting pattern so they will appear to be behind all the circles. When complete, the circles will appear to be floating on top of the squares background. It is a labor intensive quilting design, but a real joy to do. Especially when the pieced top is so well done. I'm looking forward to the finished result on this one!

Nothing's Like a Grandmother's Love

This quilt is the "Lovie for Noel" as a proud grandmother calls it. Daryl, the grandmother in question, gave me the completed cross stitched piece in the middle of this quilt and the old bed skirt that she used for her baby girl, Noel's mother.  I don't normally piece together quilts from beginning to end for customers, but Daryl touched my heart and was so sweet and she really wanted her cross stitch work and her daughter's infant bedskirt incorporated into a quilt for her granddaugher, Noel.    

I used the bedskirt material as the hearts, decorative bias tape (inspired by the designs of Latifah Saafir), and for the bias binding on the scalloped borders.

This quilt was a labor of love for me because my own grandmother Bernice (of blessed memory) was one of the brightest shining stars in my life.  Anything to support a grandmother's love is a special project for me.

Sunbonnet Sue and Spools Charity quilt

I'm trying to catch up on the charity quilts hanging in my closet  This Sunbonnet Sue top has been waiting around longer than I'd care to admit. This quilt is for a group called Quilts From The Heart that is associated with the Santa Monica Quilt Guild. They are a tremendously active group that contributes so much to our local community and more. Sorry it's taken me soooo long.

The spools quilt is for the Quilter's Circle of Hope that meets monthly to piece quilt tops for cancer patients participating in groups conducted at the Cancer Support Community located in West Los Angeles.

4 Fat Quarters in Harmony - Design by Sylvia Davis

This is my most recent customer quilt piecedby Sally Wright, who used a design called "4 Fat Quarters in Harmony" created by Sylvia Davis. Earlier this year, Sylvia taught this design in a class hosted by the Westside Quilters in Los Angeles. Sally used four "4 Fat Quarters in Harmony" panels, added sashing and additional coordinating side rectangle blocks to create this beautiful twin size bed quilt. I'll post a full picture of the quilt later.

Quilt for our Irish Home Exchange Family

I made this quilt for our Irish home exchange family using Suzanne McNeill's 10-Minute Block that I saw on the Design Originals 123 YouTube channel. It's a quick easy quilt project which was what I needed to ensure that I'd finish it before getting back to all my customer quilts. If I put this project on the back burner, it would suffer the fate of most "back burner" projects. The first photo is after quilting, and the second is before quilting. Guess that's obvious. Hope whoever actually reads this is having a great day. Heck, I hope all those who don't read this are having a great day too. May all the world's inhabitants have a wonderful day. Wish I had the power to actually make that happen.

Happy Birthday Lulu

I'm back from Ireland. It's been a couple of weeks now, and my head and body are finally beginning to feel they are aligned and on Los Angeles time. Guess I'm a little slow in the readjustment department. This quilt was a group birthday present that was pieced by some of Lulu's friends. I actually finished quilting it before I left for Ireland, but I could not post it because this quilt was a surprise for the very special Lulu on one of her major milestone birthdays...29 maybe. Who cares what birthday Lulu was celebrating? This is a fun and whimsical project, so I added to the whimsy by quilting her name in between all the birthday cakes using color coordinated King Tut thread.