QuiltCon Charity Quilt

QuiltCon, the first national gathering of The Modern Quilt Guild (MQG) is happening next month in Austin, TX. One of the many challenges and events happening around QuiltCon is the QuiltCon Block Challenge. Essentially, guild members were able to submit a block using the QuiltCon colors that were going to be pieced together by Elizabeth Hartman for a fundraiser quilt, the tickets being sold at QuiltCon. Yet only one quilt could be made for that drawing and many more blocks were received than could be made into one quilt. So the MQG decided to divide and send out the blocks to individual guilds, have them piece those blocks into a quilt, and donate all those quilts, 46 total (one for each bed), to the Austin Children's Shelter.

The Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild is making two of those quilts. Guild members have stepped up to piece, quilt, bind and make sleeves for the quilts. I voluteered to long arm quilt one of the quilts, and here it is.

My challenge with this quilt was the large amount of negative space (the yellow background). I decided to use a straght line chevron pattern. This is an often used design within the modern quilting movement, and I enhanced the pattern for added dimension by varying the spaces between the lines. I used a large feather pattern for the dark gray borders around the colorful blocks for unity. The curviness of that large feather is a nice contrast to the stark lines of the background. And finally, I created a unique quilting design to match the personality of each individual block.

Due to the quickly approaching QuiltCon, and the time needed for others to bind and make sleeves for the quilt, I had to squeeze this in and get it done asap in between my customer quilts. I'm glad I was able to participate in the making of this quilt, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Even better, I know it is going to make a needing child very happy to have this new colorful quilt on their bed.