I'm in Generation Q Magazine!

A little while back the folks at Generation Q Magazine asked a number of us quilter types to quilt their logo in whatever way we felt inspired. The photo in this post was my choice for quilting up their fun logo. Here's what I said in the magazine - "It has been a great honor and lots of fun to participate in the project of quilting the Generation “Q” logo. I selected Quilter’s Dream Puff polyester batting because the loft is incredibly effective at illuminating the quilting design and texture. For the quilting thread, I color matched the background with “Cool Grey” Glide 40w Advanced Trilobal Polyester. Glide is one of my favorite threads due to the stitch quality, the huge color variety and the way it sits so beautifully on and almost disappears into the fabric. When it came to the background negative space quilting design, my intuition viewed it as a star floating in space. For me, the universe, like life, is mysterious and unpredictable, full of organic intersections and separations. I chose angular straight lines shooting off the star, coupled with a wavy pattern to create a floating effect for the star and straight line quilting. I left the star essentially “quilt free” so that the Generation “Q” logo would appear to “pop” out of the rest of the quilt."