Peggie's Little Monsters

Peggie made this quilt for an auction benefiting the Haight Ashbury Community Nursery School. I quilted pebbles behind all the monsters creating a background texture from which the creatures could POP. There were certainly plenty of popping monster eyeballs looking up at me while I was quilting this adorable quilt top. I used white Omni Superior thread on all the white portions of the quilt, blue Glide thread on the inner border and yellow Magnifico Superior thread on the colorful triangles on the outer border.  

A Perfect Summer Quilt

One of my favorite parts of quilting is coming up with a pattern that works with and enhances the design of the quilt itself. And my latest customer quilt is a perfect example of that. 

The quilt was made by Lisa Redmond, who I think is extremely innovative in her quilt designs. I've done several quilts for her, both as a client and quilts she has done for charity for the Cancer Support Community. I also know her through the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild.

Lisa likes to play with patterns and colors, and does it well. For this quilt, she told me that she liked the idea of wonky improv quilts but wanted to find a way to create blocks without all the waste that often comes from improv piecing. Lisa shared that she took 10" squares of fabric and cut them all at the same vertical and horizontal lines, making polygons (remember those from 8th grade geometry?). This design idea is so simple and versatile because you can cut up the block at whatever angle you want, just as long as you keep it consistent through out the quilt. I can't wait to try this design concept myself. In the end, Lisa has created a dynamic quilt with her continuity of matching the fabrics in the blocks next to each other. Plus I loved her color choices on the cusp of the summer season.

When it came to quilting, Lisa left it completely up to me on what to do.  I wanted to play off Lisa's use of connecting like fabrics between the blocks, and still maintain the geometric look of the quilt. I tied the connected fabrics together with a dual lines and a design on the line that stayed within those matched fabrics. 

I used a pale yellow thread, although it may be hard to see in the photos. I chose the pale yellow because I wanted the color to blend in and enhance whereas I thought a bright white or a matching blue would overtake the design. My thread of choice is glide. Their colors blend well and make a quiet statement on a quilt. And they are strong and easy to work with.

I'm extrememly pleased with how this quilt turned out. I look forward to another quilt from Lisa.