Dog Days of Summer

Yes, it's late in the summer and I haven't posted since May! It has been an eventul and transitional three months with my twin boys graduating high school, and the flurry of activities that goes with that, to getting those boys ready for college, and sending them off for college next few week. I also have a teenage daughter still in high school. Meanwhile, I continue to work on client quilts amongst it all.

As someone who quilts, I have a lot of scraps. And as longarm quilter, even more scraps with the trimmings of quilts and batting. I have a quilting friend who can't stand the thought of those scraps being thrown into landfills, so she collects my scraps, combines them with her own, and uses those scraps as filling to make dog beds for the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter. It's a win win for all. She's a recycler and I'm an animal person, and the pooches at the shelter get some comfort.

My friend recently stopped by to show off the dog beds before dropping them off at the shelter. My dog Barney got in on the action and graciously modeled one of the beds.