Quilting Pricing


Computerized Edge to Edge Quilting Designs

You can find many of the edge to edge I have available by clicking the Digital Edge to Edge Quilting Patterns bar at the top of the page. You can also click on the Quilts with Edge to Edge Designs to see samples of quilts.

There are 3 levels of edge to edge quilting designs. The cost depends on the complexity of the design.

  • 2 cents per square inch
  • 2.5 cents per square inch
  • 3 cents per square inch

Here's some sample quilt sizes and prices for edge to edge quilting designs


  • Quilt top 50 by 60 inches - 2.5 cents per square inch - $75
  • Quilt top 70 by 90 inches - 2.5 cents per square inch - $157.50
  • Quilt top 85 by 100 inches - 2.5 cents per square inch - $212.50


Custom Quilting

Please contact me directly for an estimate regarding custom quilting your quilt top. Each quilt top is unique which means that the time and energy required varies tremendously depending on the project. Some custom quilts can be completed very simply and some call for much more effort and planning. You can reach me by calling me at (310)384-0114, or by emailing me via the website.