Quilt Top Preparation


Here’s a list of what I need from you before you give me your quilting project:


1.  Make sure your quilt top and back is ironed and that all loose threads are trimmed.

2.  Check and make sure that your seams are secure so that nothing is pulling apart.

3.  Use a safety pin to indicate the top of your quilt top.

4.  Ideally, your quilt top should lie flat, and have the same measurement across the top, center and bottom of your quilt top.  

5. The back of your quilt should be at least 5” larger all the way around your quilt top.  PLEASE inform me if there is a top and bottom to your quilt back.

6. If you are providing me with the batting, the batting should also be at least 5” larger all the way around you quilt top. I carry several varieties of Quilter's Dream Batting at competitive prices. I do reserve the right to refuse certain types of batting if I feel that using it would provide a lower quality result.


NOTICE ABOUT BORDERS - If your quilt top has borders, make sure you measure and then pin on your borders before attaching them.  Non-measured and non-pinned borders can lead to the difficult problem known as floppy or wavy borders.  It is near impossible to avoid tucks in the fabric when quilting a top with floppy borders.